Honey Specialties

Acacia honey & honeycomb


The composition of honeycombs is very complex. They contain several bee products in their purest form: honey, pollen, propolis and wax, which is why they bring many benefits to the body. The honey from the honeycomb contains superior properties, having a high intake of vitamins, especially vitamin A and retinol, as well as other active substances that are transferred to our body through mastication. The consumption of honeycombs with honey is also involved in cleaning the teeth and healing the gums.


Honeydew honey 500g / 250g


Is a brown-dark honey, very riched in minerals, with multiple benefits for our health. Compared to other types of honey, honeydew honey is richer in minerals such as manganese, phosphorus, zinc, cobalt and sulfur. In addition, in it we also find calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium in higher quantities, together with polyphenols and other antioxidants and probiotics (source of food for the bacteria in the intestines that contribute to good digestion)


We packed honey:

  • in jars of 250g / 500g

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