Romanian multiflower honey

is obtained from the nectar of several types of flowers that are blooming from May- September on the champs, hills and mountains of Romania landscape. Its color and aroma vary according to the predominant type of flower. Multiflower honey is considered by most specialists to be a complete honey, used in the treatment of numerous diseases and ailments. Its composition includes vitamins from the B and C complex, enzymes, organic acids (lactic acid, gluconic acid) and various mineral salts (iron, phosphorus, calcium, potassium). It is easy to assimilate due to its content of glucose, sucrose and fructose.


Multiflower honey has an energy value of 3000 kcal per 1 kilogram. Even if it is crystallized, its healing properties are not lost. Specialists recommend that honey be consumed in moderation, two to three teaspoons mixed with milk or fruit, two to three times a day.


This type of honey is recommended for treating anorexia, due to its rich iron content. Multiflower honey stimulates the appetite, facilitates the digestive process, improves the activity of the heart and liver and causes an increase in the percentage of hemoglobin in the blood. It is also an excellent remedy for physical and mental fatigue. Regular clothing prevents growth problems and bone demineralization.

We packed honey:

  • in jars of 250g / 275g/ 400g / 500g/ 950g
  • plastic squeezable pet of 250g / 500g
  • plastic pails of 1kg/ 2kg/ 5 kg

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