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Romanian Linden honey

The air of Romania is filled with the pleasing sweet, honeyed aroma of the Linden Tree, sometimes called Lime Trees (Tilia europaea). The deciduous tree is found throughout the country and is known for being a superb source of nectar for honey.  It is planted in gardens, parks, along streets and boulevards, but also in vast wild linden forest, as Romania has the largest forest of Tilia from Europe


This honey has a floral aroma and taste, slightly mentholated with a very fragrant characteristic aroma. Sweet, fresh and presenting hints of wood and mint are some of the common headlines describing this aroma. Its color varies from light yellow to dark orange. It has a sweet-woody smell that can be easily recognized. This type of honey crystallizes very quickly, especially in a cold environment. Lime honey is fluid, but in early autumn it takes on a viscous appearance. In the crystallized state, it has a buttery appearance with large white crystals. Crystallized lime honey is much sweeter than liquid honey.


Linden honey is considered to be one of the best monofloral varieties of honey with a very strong taste. It is very rich in vitamins, especially those from the B complex, amino acids, pollen and manna. It has a very high pollen content, for this reason it is not recommended for people who are allergic to pollen.


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