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Romanian acacia honey

Apidava brings you the delicate flavour of pure acacia honey directly from the sprawling acacia forests of Transylvania and lowers Carpathians mountains areas. Rich with antioxidants, antibiotics and immune-boosting enzymes, authentic Romanian acacia honey is packed with natural health benefits not found in other honey blends.


Acacia honey is obtained from acacia flowers (Robinia Pseudoacacia flower) and is characterized by the fact that it has a remarkable purity and clarity. It is one of the most well-known and sweet varieties of honey due to its delicate taste with a floral tint. It keeps its liquid state for a long time due to its high fructose content. Due to the low sugar content, it is the best choice for diabetics.


Our beekeepers are harvesting acacia honey in spring time, ussually in May-begging of June, from various regions of Romania, but the most famous are: Valea lui Mihai – near the border with Hungarian, Calafat -near Danube, in the south of Romania, Apuseni mountains – in the heart of Transylvania, all the sub-Carpathian areas from Romania. This non-invasive harvest produces a delicious alternative to traditional honey with the health benefits to match.


Well known for its therapeutic properties, this type of honey cleans the liver, regulates intestinal transit and is an anti-inflammatory for the respiratory system. This type of honey is an excellent sweetener, as it does not alter the taste or aroma of the drink in any way. It is extremely delicious in tea. Also, children like this type of honey very much.


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