Our story beggins in 1992


Apidava is a family business run by Mr. Victor Mates togheter with hi's family. He started hi's business in 1992, as a hobby beekeeper – with 20 beehives, while he was a physics teacher at the local highschool.

Nowdays Apidava can be considered the honey fortress, the place where we produce, for more than 32 years only high superior quality honey, a 100% pure product, gained on natural ways, from the special flora of the Transilvanian plane.


Apidava today


Our company has today 50 employees and a turnover of 8.000.000 EUR.

Since 2015 we have a new warehouse buiding of 7.000 square meters, with a capacity of 3.000tones for  storage honey, and processing 2.200 tones / year, from which 50% is exported every year.

In Romania, we are one of the biggest honey packer in jars and blisters, and we have clients such us: Metro, Selgros, Carrefour, Auchan, Penny and many others.


Apidava quality and traceability


Each honey jar that leaves from Apidava factory has written on its label one unique Lot Number. It is, in fact, the DNA of that product, according to which we can establish the exact source of the honey contained by that jar, its physical-chemical characteristics, the quantity of honey packed from that lot, as well as all the traceability back to each beekeeper drum.

We test more then 50 parameters for each LOT number, from which the most common are:...


We export in more than 15 countries


Victor Mates

General manager

Dana Serghie

 Economic director

Alina Mates Ochis

Sales & Marketing Manager

Brumar Mihaela

 Export & Import Honey Department

Ochis Mates Florin

manager of Apis company

beekeping tools distribution

Ioana Barbuletiu

Cosmetic & sweets department

Olivia Berghianu

Manager in Japanese market


Europe, Romania

County Alba- Town Blaj

Street Gheorghe Baritiu, No.32, 515400

Phone: +004 0756 114 419

mail: office@apidava.ro

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